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April 20, 2007


Rhodri Evans

How about tax cuts for everyone else?
It was this Labour Assembly Government that used the extra cash from Gordon Brown (which was to alleviate extortionate council tax) to pay for the NHS Wales cash flow problems which Welsh Labour cretaed in the first place.

Devolution is all about having control over the party which controls the money. In the 1990s we couldn't do that with John Redwood, but we can now punish Labour for their failings


Will you answer the following questions.
I am a member of PCS and we are asking candidates in Wales :

1. Where do you stand on cutting civil service jobs in the devolved and non-devolved civil service in Wales?

2. How much importance do you attach to the provision of well staffed local offices providing the public with the option of face to face contact?

3. Where do you stand on privatising public services?

4. Do you agree that Welsh civil servants deserve fair play on pay and would you like to comment on the current method of civil service pay delivery?

5. Do you support the introduction of regional pay in the public sector?

What is your view on this.

Can I also ask what you will do to introduce a green transport policy in wales? What will you do to enable the elderly to cross the road, provide a bus to a leisure centre and parks?
And finally can you support the campaign to stop garden grabbing in Wales? As you want to protect our heritage but stand by while building after building is knocked down and gardens are concreted over.

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Sophie's Promises to Cardiff North

  • To tackle crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Protecting our green open spaces and heritage
  • Healthy school meals for every child
  • Championing the rights the elderly people
  • Safe roads for everyone in the community

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Eleven for Eleven

  • 25,000 Apprenticeships
  • An extra Children's Bond for all children entering school
  • Maximum 26 week NHS waiting times from referral to treatment
  • Pharmacy-based NHS waiting times from referral to treatment
  • 100,000 homes made energy efficient and 30,000 micro generation units
  • New not-for-profit nursing homes
  • Discounted rail travel for pensioners and 50 new train carriages
  • £20 million national fund for the youth service
  • 6500 new affordable homes
  • Tidy Towns - £16 million Clean-Up Fund for Welsh cities, towns and villages
  • Mobile Mammas - extra support for Child Care


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