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April 10, 2007


Adam Johns

85% of those patients being prescribed drugs prior to the abolition of charging got them free any way. The young, the old and the poor were all exempt from prescription charges and I would wager that the remainder did not mind paying a small sum for vital medicines. Of couse you could not go into an election trumpeting "FREE PRESCRIPTIONS" while there were still the 15% of patients who were being unwittingly fleeced of A WHOLE £3. While Labour were wasting money on this gimmick a Children's Hospital (which, unlike prescription drugs, is a service people would expect to be free) was being built by private subscription. Hell, if Labour's Health Service wasn't so wonderfully wasteful we could have had it all free - ambulances, clean floors, dentists and all the other services that Welsh/Old Labour views as luxuries. We pour 10% of our national income in to the health service after all. Public healthcare can never work under Labour. Happy campaigning, Councillor.

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