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  • Promoted by Kathy Haggarty on behalf of Sophie Howe both at 18 Plasnewydd, Whitchurch, Cardiff. CF14 1NR. Hosted by Typepad at

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April 20, 2007


Adam Johns

Is the theme of your campaign this week 'Dwelling on the Past'? At a meeting with Sixth Formers in Whitchurch on Tuesday Councillor Howe referred to "Tory misrule" and even the Marxists thought it dated, cheap and desperate (a bit like your campaign).

Posting the Redwood Video (of the MP for Wokingham, whom the Cabinet momentarily misplaced to Wales Secretary for a time in the 1990's) seems odd as you're campaigning against Jonathan Morgan (Welsh Conservative from Tongwynlais).

If you really want dirt however, Rhodri Morgan didn't turn up to D-Day celebrations thereby snubbing the heroic wartime sacrifices of many great Welshmen, Labour discriminated against capable men in the selection of their Blauneu Gwent candidate and you yourself stick two fingers up at all Britons daily with your work at the arch-money waster and politically correct behemoth the Equal Oppurtunities Commission.

Ya see? The Right can dish it out just as good, and we don't have to journey to 1995 to do it.


Yes, but you can't spell Blaenau Gwent.


One important thing to remember is that when people were leaving school under the tories they had no career prospects whatsoever and were going straight on to benefit. Today young people are continuing education and training, getting work, today young people in Wales can actually see and plan a future for themselves, something I am sure all those 6th Form students will appreciate. So it is important to remind people how the tories destroyed Wales because they may seem like they have changed, but they haven't. And if you actually look at all of this blog you will see there is a mixture of things, some of it is anti-tory or anti-Lib Dem (because they are failing to run this City) but most of it is what Sophie has done and is promising to do if elected.

Adam Johns

"Destroyed Wales". The parts of Wales that you mean were entirely dependent on the state and all the beloved industries were actually unsustainable forms of charity, subsidised to continue the mythical and illogical concept of jobs for life. Wales would have recovered from the initial shock of this being ended if it was not for, here we go, Labour misrule.

Labour have encouraged and not confronted the benefits culture that draws from those who work hard and passes it to those who do not adapt or have grown up feckless. Labour have turned the police into paramilitary social workers of the liberal agenda, overprosecuting 'everybody' crimes like speeding and leaving the deserving poor to the ravages of the undeterred scum. Labour have also taken education entirely the wrong way, seeking to Welsh-ify the curriculum AND dumb it down instead of enforcing standards and discipline. Those Sixth Formers do not understand why there are so many disruptive underachieveing pupils in their school, kept on against their own wishes, against their teachers and classmates wishes and at the behest of cosy and incompetent Labour education ministers who wish to keep people as children, coddled and blinkered by the state, for as long as possible.

If it was not for the Chinese workforce keeping inflation down and thus the economy steady you would have nothing to steal credit for at all. People have been ill served by Labour and it is time for a change.

Fair point about Blaenau Gwent though. Not enough consonants.

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