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March 05, 2007


Julia Shearn

Hi - good news about making safer routes to school. I was wondering why there is no plans for a speed camera on Pendywallt. Traffic coming down from Coryton Interchange into Whitchurch, do so at more than 30 miles an hour. Coming off the motorway they seem to forget they are in a residential area. They often race to get through the 2 sets of traffic lights before they change. We have a lollypop man to cross our children over to Coryton Primary School but it is quite un- nerving wondering if the traffic will stop in time when going so fast. If you cross over the A470 and go up to the the other end of Pantmawr road in Rhwibina, there is a speed camera and another speed camera around the corner and yet there is no childrens' schools nearby. I wonder if anyone else feels there should be a speed camera to slow traffic coming down the Pendywallt from Coryton interchange?

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