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March 02, 2006


Donald Cheyne

Dear Councillor Howe

I read with interest the recent Labour Rose for Whitchurch and Tongwylais, particularly, the formation of a Whitchurch Society, since it has struck me recently that we may need to do more to look after all our heritage in Whitchurch. Something I’m particularly interested in is conservation and development of wildlife sites in Whitchurch. Even ordinary areas, such as the edges of the brook, could help to make Whitchurch an even nicer and richer place to live. I would like to help if I can.

My main reason for contacting you, though, is to raise a problem of litter around Whitchurch. Litter is a general problem and there are many black spots for this, such as the area outside the entrance of the Whitchurch Lower School where huge amounts of litter have been deposited by the brook. A great shame. Another problem area is around the shops near the library and the grass verge of Park Road, where daffodils struggle to bloom thorugh it all. I wonder how much damage litter causes to our wildlife apart form looking very unsightly? What can be done to deal with this? I made enquiries and found that only one or two fines had been imposed in the Whitchurch for litter offences in the last year. I would like to see a much more concerted campaign against litter along the lines of:

1) Education and publicity throughout the community especially in schools

2) High profile clean up campaigns involving volunteers

3) More effort by the council to clean black spots

4) Greater use of penalties to discourage antisocial littering

5) Continual reminders to alter our culture, which has become, to be honest, quite careless wrt litter

Are you able to do anything to help? Considering litter is such a problem I don’t really see much evidence of a serious campaign to change things.

Yours sincerely

Donald Cheyne

37 St John’s Crescent


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