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January 09, 2006



Nice to see you are jumping on every bandwagon you can think of! I can't remember you having any involvment in most of this campaigns. Still, on the upside, you'll be the first Labour candidate who doesn't have a face like a dropped pie.


That's such a lovely sentiment for the first comment on a new blog!

Perhaps that could be Sophie's main campaign slogan. "Sophie Howe for Cardiff North. Because I don't have a face like a dropped pie."

Have to say if I'm going to say anything on a blog I usually put my name to it. Unless it's Jonathan Morgan getting his retaliation in first?

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Sophie's Promises to Cardiff North

  • To tackle crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Protecting our green open spaces and heritage
  • Healthy school meals for every child
  • Championing the rights the elderly people
  • Safe roads for everyone in the community

Welsh Labour Campaign Website

Eleven for Eleven

  • 25,000 Apprenticeships
  • An extra Children's Bond for all children entering school
  • Maximum 26 week NHS waiting times from referral to treatment
  • Pharmacy-based NHS waiting times from referral to treatment
  • 100,000 homes made energy efficient and 30,000 micro generation units
  • New not-for-profit nursing homes
  • Discounted rail travel for pensioners and 50 new train carriages
  • £20 million national fund for the youth service
  • 6500 new affordable homes
  • Tidy Towns - £16 million Clean-Up Fund for Welsh cities, towns and villages
  • Mobile Mammas - extra support for Child Care


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